Recruiting several registered safety engineers

Recruiting several registered safety engineers

Due to the company's development needs, we are looking for several registered safety engineers:
1. Professional education requirements: college degree or above in safety engineering, electrical, mechanical, chemical or environmental engineering and other related majors.
2. Job Responsibilities: Engage in production safety technical services assigned by the company (safety consulting, safety inspection, risk management and control, hidden danger investigation, safety production standardization management consulting, review, etc.)
3. Job requirements:
1. Obtain the qualification certificate of registered safety engineer;
2. One year or more of enterprise safety production or technical management experience in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, hazardous chemicals, chemicals, building materials, machinery, commerce and other industries is preferred;
3. Good language expression, communication skills, and writing ability;
4. Possess good professional ethics, strong learning ability, teamwork and innovative spirit, proactive work and strong sense of responsibility;
5. Those who have obtained technical titles or those with safety management experience in large-scale enterprises are preferred.
4. Welfare
Basic salary interviews, five insurances and other benefits are provided.

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