Recruitment Guide

Recruitment Guide

Shandong Haomen Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Recruitment Guide

Shandong Haomen Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aluminum profile processing enterprise specializing in the production of construction profiles, industrial profiles, and indoor sliding door profiles. It has been successively rated as one of the top ten enterprises in Shandong, Shandong Province, trademarks, trademarks, and China's construction profiles.

In order to meet market demand, the company once again expanded the production scale of industrial materials and sliding door profiles, and is now looking for elites from the society.

Recruitment position:

workshop post Number of people
Oxidation 1 Oxidation 1 Sander, Packer


Vertical spraying packing worker


Spraying 1 Upper row of workers


Mould Polisher





Recruitment conditions: Anyone who is 18-45 years old (male or female), junior high school or above (statistics, laboratory technician, and quality inspection requires high school or above), healthy, practical, good at communication, and teamwork spirit. Can sign up for employment, and those with industry work experience are preferred, and the treatment is preferential.

Recruitment procedure:

1. When registering, you need to bring your ID card, a one-inch full-length color photo and the relevant academic certificate "Graduation Certificate or Qualification Certificate", and submit it to the company's corporate management department for unified registration and interview. (Enterprise Management Department on the third floor of R&D Center)

2. Registration time: November 24-December 10, 2020

Wages and benefits:

1. Non-local employees will be reimbursed for the round-trip fare after entering the job, and the round-trip fare will be reimbursed for the Spring Festival holiday.

2. Monthly salary: 5000-8000 yuan, implement piece rate plus reward.

3. Working age salary: 100-300 yuan/month.

4. Full attendance award 150 yuan/month, high temperature fee 100-150 yuan/month

5. At the expiration of the probation period, it is necessary to purchase pension, medical, work-related injury, unemployment, and maternity insurance.

6. Non-local employees can arrange for their family members to go to work and be responsible for arranging their children to go to school nearby.

7. Accommodation is provided free of charge (the room has air-conditioning), and the food fee is charged at the cost price.

Registration Tel: 0539—8494456

Contact: Manager Li 15106391935 Manager Ji 13589699113

Address: Ceshan Industrial Park, Luozhuang District

(Take bus 107, 115 and transfer to 113 or 113 directly to the company)




Address: Ceshan Industrial Park, Luozhuang District, Linyi City,                     Shandong Province, China
Fax   : +86-539-8585057
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