Recruitment position: Sales Manager of Aluminum Profile Project

Recruitment position: Sales Manager of Aluminum Profile Project

Job Responsibilities:
1. Collect information on developers, door and window factories, engineering projects and major relationships in the area under its jurisdiction, find potential customers and develop markets;

2. Responsible for the promotion, promotion and sales of products in the area under its jurisdiction, and complete the sales targets issued by the company;

3. Responsible for customer visits, business negotiations, relationship maintenance and project tracking in the area under its jurisdiction, and carry out projects and major relationship research work;

4. According to the company's products, prices and market strategies, carry out inquiries, quotations, bidding and negotiation of sales contract terms;

5. Responsible for the signing, performance, supply coordination, payment recovery, customer reconciliation and invoice issuance of sales contracts, to avoid sales risks;

6. Conduct regional market surveys, timely feedback, handle customer complaints and opinions, conduct after-sales technical communication and return visit services;

7. Responsible for the information collection and countermeasure analysis of competitors in the area under its jurisdiction, and regularly summarize and keep the company's business secrets;

8. Abide by the company's management system, report work to the department manager on a regular basis, and complete the work assigned by the department manager.


1. College degree or above, no major limitation; good conduct, integrity and self-discipline, practical work, initiative, obedience to management, and good at learning;

2. Project sales experience (experience in project sales of plastic steel and aluminum alloy doors and windows, pipes, curtain walls, insulation materials, glass, etc. is preferred);

3. Love sales work, good at negotiation, able to accurately grasp customer needs, complete project sales tasks independently, and have good negotiation, research and ordering capabilities;

4. Possess strong communication and coordination ability and engineering project sales ability, with real estate developers, door and window factories and engineering project customer resources preferred;

5. Age requirement: 28-35 years old;

6. Salary standard: 4500-5000

Contact information:

Contact: Xu Lijing

Contact number: 15589980606

Contact email:

Work location: Jinan

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