Most white-collar workers are in sub-health and eat more of these in the winter diet

Most white-collar workers are in sub-health and eat more of these in the winter diet

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Most white-collar workers are in sub-health and eat more of these in the winter diet

(Summary description)


Nowadays, white-collar workers generally feel pressured. Many white-collar workers often have to work overtime and stay up late. In addition, they often eat fast food, which leads to nutritional failure to keep up. They are prone to sub-health, such as fatigue, mental weakness, insomnia, and weak resistance. How can this situation be improved? How to solve the white-collar diet and nutrition?

  White-collar nutrition needs iron and folic acid

  Experts said that fatigue and decreased concentration may be caused by mild iron deficiency anemia. Folic acid has the effect of maintaining the stability of the nervous system. Supplementing folic acid helps to strengthen the body's resistance and improve the quality of sleep.

   Eat more black food and red meat to supplement iron

  Black foods such as black beans and sesame are rich in iron. In food, in addition to absorbing iron from black food, red meat should be consumed in moderation, such as pork, beef, lamb, venison, rabbit and other mammalian meat. The meat of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, fish, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans (shrimp, crabs, etc.) and bivalves (oysters, clams, etc.) and other non-mammals are not red meat. Red meat is rich in minerals, especially iron, as well as protein, vitamin B12, thiamine, riboflavin and phosphorus.

   Some experts believe that red meat contains high saturated fat and is not healthy. But almost all natural fat foods contain both saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Taking lean meat as an example, the fat content of pig lean meat is 6.2%, lamb lean meat is 3.9%, and beef lean meat is 2.3%. To increase iron and reduce fat content, you can eat more beef and mutton, and try to use steaming, boiling, and boiling cooking methods, and less frying. In addition, eating more fresh fruits can promote iron absorption.

   Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement folic acid

  Folic acid is naturally widely found in animal and plant foods, especially in yeast, liver and green leafy vegetables. However, because natural folic acid is extremely unstable, the human body can really get very little. Therefore, synthetic folic acid is sought after by many people. However, the latest research has found that natural folic acid contained in green leafy vegetables is absorbed in the human intestine, while synthetic folic acid is absorbed in the liver. The liver absorbs a limited amount of synthetic folic acid. Excessive synthetic folic acid that is not absorbed will enter the blood and may cause leukemia, arthritis and other diseases.

  Experts believe that all foods containing vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, contain folic acid. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a comprehensive and balanced diet to prevent folic acid deficiency.

   White-collar workers' daily diet precautions

   1. Must have breakfast. Because many white-collar workers are in a hurry to go to work or lose weight, they often skip breakfast or deal with it casually, which is very bad for their health. Frequent skipping breakfast not only hurts your stomach badly and makes you unable to work energetically, but it also tends to "show old".

  2, food diversification. Partial eclipse is a bad habit of many OfficeLadies, but diversified food can absorb balanced nutrition, and the body can be healthy.

   3. Eat more vegetables. Oily, salty, sugary, and juicy are the "nutrition" ratios of eating out, but this is not conducive to health in the long run. Therefore, less juice, more vegetables, and more fiber should be the major prerequisites for diet.

   4. Eat slowly. Due to busy work and limited meal time, many people will gorge themselves, but for the sake of health, meals cannot be fast. The ideal time should be within 30 minutes

   5. Pay attention to drinking water. At work, office people tend to forget to drink water due to their high concentration during work, resulting in insufficient water supply in the body. The decrease in body water, the concentration and viscosity of blood, can easily lead to thrombosis, induce cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, and also affect the function of kidney metabolism.

In short, “white-collar workers” should pay attention to nutritional and dietary balance, reduce fat intake, maintain a normal weight, eat more fish, beans, fresh vegetables, and drink more milk to maintain adequate vitamins and inorganic salts. Regularly strengthen physical exercise to make yourself full of energy.



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