Yitong Health: Use the Internet to embrace the health industry

Yitong Health: Use the Internet to embrace the health industry

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Yitong Health: Use the Internet to embrace the health industry

(Summary description)


In the 21st century, medicine should not continue to focus on disease as the main research field, but human health should be the direction of medical research.

  ——WHO "Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century"

   Health management is imminent

   According to data, 60% of human diseases are caused by poor lifestyles. In China, those entrepreneurs, those gold-collar, silver-collar, and white-collar workers, have been stuck in sedentary exercises, excessive smoking and drinking, irregular diet, irrational structure and other bad habits for a long time. Business leaders are even more troublesome. Overworked and serious health problems.

The "Survey on the Work, Health and Happiness of Chinese Entrepreneurs" conducted by the "Chinese Entrepreneur" magazine showed that 90.6% of entrepreneurs are in a state of "overworked", 28.3% of entrepreneurs have "decreased memory", and 26.4% of entrepreneurs There is "insomnia" trouble. Among the entrepreneurs, 30.77% had "gastrointestinal and digestive system diseases", and 23.08% had "high blood sugar, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia". What's more serious is that only 60% of entrepreneurs know how to decompress, and most people swallow the pressure by themselves, which puts a huge load on the body.

In addition, a survey of office workers in 10 cities by institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health showed that 48% of employees in Chinese companies are in a "sub-healthy state", and the situation is even worse in economically developed areas, including 75.3% in Beijing, 75.49% in Shanghai, and 75.41% in Guangdong. . Sub-health has become a "common problem" in the daily life of employees, and the direct consequence of sub-health is low work efficiency and reduced labor value creation. This is not only the loss of the enterprise, but also the loss of the society.

  Employees are the foundation and intangible assets of an enterprise. Professor Baruch?lev, an authoritative scholar of New York University in the United States, has conducted research on S&P 500 companies that show that the company’s “tangible assets” have fallen from 70% 20 years ago to 15%, and intangible assets have been replaced by intangible assets. The value created by the improvement of work efficiency and work enthusiasm of enterprise employees is far higher than the tangible assets of the enterprise.

   This means that both corporate managers and corporate employees need a new concept of health management. Through health management, companies can improve labor productivity, save human resource losses, and reduce corporate medical insurance expenditures. Individuals can also have a thorough understanding of their own health conditions and monitor and manage their own physical conditions at any time.

   There are data in the United States that, through the health management plan, the national cholesterol level has dropped by 2%; the hypertension level has dropped by 4%; the incidence of coronary heart disease has dropped by 16%. Investing 1 yuan in health management is equivalent to reducing medical expenses by 3 to 6 yuan. If you add the resulting increase in labor productivity in return, the actual benefit reaches 8 times the input.

   Domestic health management is still a virgin land

  In the West, health management has experienced more than 20 years of development and has become an indispensable part of the medical service system. When talking about health management in the United States, people immediately think of disease management, secondary health benefits, third-party management, IT solutions, IMO (health care organization), PPO organization (preferably providing organization), and so on. American medium-sized and above enterprises have generally accepted the professional services provided by health management companies, and more than 90 million Americans have also purchased health management services.

   In China, public health management services are almost zero. Chinese people have always been accustomed to the medical model of "seeing a doctor when they are sick" and do not pay attention to or even understand their own health when there are no obvious symptoms. The implemented medical insurance can only meet people's most basic medical needs, and can only be used after illness. When people are in a "sub-healthy" state, social security cannot provide any effective solution. This actually means that people have almost no other channels to manage their health before they are sick and hospitalized. This is precisely because we lack a preventive health management system, that is, to find out the risk factors hidden in the body that may cause diseases, to prevent and solve them. This gap in health management is not only for corporate managers, but also for company employees and the general public.

  Focus on demand, Yitong Health creates a new future for the health management industry through Internet technology

   Based on the above, as the leading health management platform in China, Yitong Health is deeply involved in the big health industry, relying on Internet technology to improve the big health industry chain, and create a new situation in the health management market.

   Yitong Health integrates online and offline resources efficiently to provide users with one-stop comprehensive health management services. At present, there are mainly three business lines of Yitong Online, Yitong Cabin, and Yitong Overseas, which can provide users with almost all services covering health management. Effectively solve the various information islands that existed before in the health management industry, as well as the fragmentation of user information and the fragmented distribution of services.

   Yitong Online is an online physical examination appointment and health management platform launched by Yitong Health, which aims to provide the general public with a fast and efficient health management portal. The interface is easy to operate and friendly, and it can provide 4453 services from 1,500 high-quality medical institutions covering 147 cities across the country, including 588 public hospitals, and a number of tertiary hospitals. Including: online physical examination appointment, genetic testing, intelligent hardware, health file management, post-examination health tracking, health information, comprehensive health management, etc. Continuously optimize the medical examination process in the upstream of the health management industry. Based on professional health examination and genetic testing big data, this service model of Yitong Online promotes health management to a new level of convenience and accuracy.

   In addition, the popularization of health management values ​​and concepts is imminent. The Yitong Hut is an important step for Yitong Health to comply with the requirements of market development and further deploy the big health industry. It integrates high-quality medical and health resources, and cooperates with enterprises, properties, pharmacies, office buildings, etc., to create health stations stationed in enterprises, office buildings, and communities, providing corporate employees, community residents, office white-collar workers, and chronically ill people. "Zero distance" one-stop convenient health management training, consulting and other related services. Through close face-to-face communication, users can enjoy more humanized, personalized and professional health management services. This also drives users' awareness and attention to health management, and promotes the cultivation and development of the big health industry market.

  Health management will show huge social benefits and economic value

  In the West, it is precisely because of the rise of health management services that the original medical service model has been changed. As a result, health management reduces personal health risks by 50%, and saves huge medical expenses. And it is the independent third-party health management agency that undertakes this responsibility. This is undoubtedly a very good reference for establishing a standardized and benign health industry market in my country.

  In China, the growing middle-class people are willing to need higher-quality medical services, and at the same time they have a strong ability to pay. In addition, the company's employee diseases and sub-health status have led to a decline in the organizational efficiency of the company's employees, and the company also needs to provide employee health management.

Yitong Health hopes that every Chinese can manage their own health in the future. Although the market is still in the pre-education and development stage, as the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will build a "healthy China", it will be upgraded to a strategic and After the review and approval of the "Healthy China 2030" plan, the health management industry is bound to usher in a golden period of development.



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