Building aluminum profile

GNUPO system door and window series

High-performance experience, five major function configuration/safety protection
Sound and noise reduction, sealing and heat preservation, anti-theft and anti-mosquito double anti-gauze net, hidden drainage, R angle protection/child protection lock


Sliding door series

At present, it has jointly developed the surface treatment of porcelain swimming series with Japan's Kansai Paint, and has cooperated with the well-known domestic wood grain surface manufacturer Guangyue, Wisdom. Crystal swimming and domestic well-known color swimming suppliers Jianluo and Xiangyue. High-quality and stable surface treatment suppliers are the root of product assurance.

Antique window series

Hui-style Chinese-style doors and windows are complementary products developed according to the design style of the Hui-style architectural genre, integrating the essence of Chinese classical customs and culture, with unique style, rigorous structure and superb technology. The perfect combination of classical culture and modern aluminum alloy production technology not only fully embodies the distinctive elements of Huizhou architecture, but also has superior performance.

All aluminum home series

All-aluminum furniture series are green and environmentally friendly, zero formaldehyde, precise and firm, beautiful and durable for 50 years, all-round fire-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, super antibacterial, no peculiar smell, value preservation, recycling, streamlined process, easy installation.

Luxury Art Door Series

The luxury artistic door series combines profiles, processing equipment, gold-free accessories, processing technology, and technical support into a multi-functional new door and window system, which overcomes the various drawbacks of existing doors and windows in the market and adapts to the development trend of high-end doors and windows. , Will surely lead the new consumer trend of doors and windows.



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